Helena, MT

Posted 06 Feb, 2012 07:17 AM by Ben

Those at Helena Nazarene Church have opened up their doors to allow us to have a quiz meet there. Here is the schedule so far.

February 24

4:30-5pm Ben will try to be there by this time

5:00-6pm Riverton will set up rooms at Helena church

6-6:45pm Dinner

6:45-7pm Coaches/Officials Meeting

7:15pm First Question

7:45pm Second Round

8:15pm Third Round

8:45pm Fourth Round

February 25

8:00am Breakfast

8:30am Fifth Round

Noon We plan to be done and out of here by this time.


Upon everyone submitting their teams, I will have a precise schedule emailed to everyone. We may only quiz each other once then have a double elimination bracket to determine team standings.


Registration Fee: $10 per quizzer


$10 Quiz Bucks-Top Verse Person as well as trophy

$10 Quiz Bucks- 1st Place Individual

$5 quiz bucks-2nd through 5th place individuals

Team Trophies will be for 1st-3rd place teams

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Great Falls

Posted 17 Oct, 2011 02:13 PM by Ben

Thank you for all who came to the Great Falls quiz meet. A special thanks to Pastor Jeff Lauver and the Great Falls Church of the Nazarene for generously hosting us. We had 13 quizzers with 3 people studying memory verses Caityln (Billings 1st), Cassity (Lander), Sierra (Missoula). Just reminding you that we will have a memory verse challenge that whoever answers the most memory verses in the rounds will get a special prize being quiz bucks or a gift certificate.

Great job Kaden for taking first, and Caitlyn for answering the most memory verses. Sounds like our quizzers are off to a great start. Thank you Missoula for starting a new team and partcipating, and thank you Samantha from Whitefish for quizzing and doing a excellent job for not being able to practice with other people and studying on her own.


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Quiz Season 2011-12

Posted 18 Sep, 2011 08:27 PM by Ben

This year we have five quiz meets before our District Main Event, aka Rejoice. Please register quizzers before you get to the quiz meet, perferably that Monday before the quiz meet so we know how many to expect, the sooner they are registered the better. Once they are registered you can unregister a quizzer at anytime. I also would love to know how many sponsors, coaches and people who are willing to officiate at the quiz meets we will have. Registration will be $10 per teen at every quiz meet. This cost covers awards, meals, material, and helps go towards sending people to Regional and National quiz events. Please make checks payable to RMNYI or cash is great too.

We will have a memory verse insentive at every quiz meet, and a final one at the end of the year. More information on incentives to come, but they will be very worth the effort to study them all. There are 3 memory verses in every quiz-a reference, finish, and quote-and they help drastically in According to and all other sorts of questions.

To meet the demand of the shifting of participating churches, some locations may be harder to attend then others. Please contact local churches to see if you can carpool or carvan up to events. I also have access to out of district events if your church would like to participate in quiz meets in places like Colorado, Idaho, etc., on top of our own district events.

If you have any questions about ordering study material please ask me.

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2010-2011 Quiz Season

Posted 07 Oct, 2010 12:56 PM by A. Lucas

The tournaments for this year have all been added to this website.  Registration for each tournament will be active from the Monday following the preceding tournament thru the Monday immediately before the tournament being registered for (with the exception of Rejoice; Rejoice registration will be deactivated on March 7th, 2011).

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