Helena, MT

Posted 06 Feb, 2012 07:17 AM by Ben

Those at Helena Nazarene Church have opened up their doors to allow us to have a quiz meet there. Here is the schedule so far.

February 24

4:30-5pm Ben will try to be there by this time

5:00-6pm Riverton will set up rooms at Helena church

6-6:45pm Dinner

6:45-7pm Coaches/Officials Meeting

7:15pm First Question

7:45pm Second Round

8:15pm Third Round

8:45pm Fourth Round

February 25

8:00am Breakfast

8:30am Fifth Round

Noon We plan to be done and out of here by this time.


Upon everyone submitting their teams, I will have a precise schedule emailed to everyone. We may only quiz each other once then have a double elimination bracket to determine team standings.


Registration Fee: $10 per quizzer


$10 Quiz Bucks-Top Verse Person as well as trophy

$10 Quiz Bucks- 1st Place Individual

$5 quiz bucks-2nd through 5th place individuals

Team Trophies will be for 1st-3rd place teams

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