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Posted 06 Feb, 2010 03:30 PM by A. Lucas

FYI: Before your account is active you will need to click on a link in a confirmation email that you will receive.  It is possible that this email may get filtered to you "junk" box, so watch there as well.  This email should be received within just a couple of minutes of when you complete the sign up process.  Be sure that your email address is correct, though, or you will not receive it.

There is no way for me to activate a user.  It has to be done on your end.  On my end, I have an option that says "Activate" when a user is still "Pending", but it doesn't work when I click it.  As this is still a new system, perhaps down the road they'll have it fixed so that I can activate users.  But for now, you will have to do it via your confirmation email.

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Posted 10 Mar, 2010 10:12 AM by Robert
Why is my profile so lame?

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