Memory Verse Challenge

Posted 27 Feb, 2012 08:43 AM by Ben

This is how we'll do the memory verse challenge.

In the past we have rewarded a camp scholarship to whoever coul quote all the verses, word for word, allowing a little room for error. I love it when people memorize all the verses, for I did it when I quizzed and I found it to be very helpful in my Christian walk. I don't want to be super strick and say all or nothing for the Bible Memory Verse Challenge, but whoever can quote all the scriptures, word for word, will get a $190 Super Camp Scholarship.

If one comes close and lets say has 75 of the memory verses, I'll make a deal and give a partial camp scholarship. If the person who has the most memory verses has lets say only 40 or 50 verses memorized, then I'll give a $50 camp scholarship. The closer all the memory verses are to being complete and word for word, the higher the scholarship.

This deal is separate from quizzing. Before or after quizzing, anyone who would like to recite the verses can sit down with me and quote what they know.

I find verses very important, however, if they can'y be used in the quiz rounds, it doesn't help a whole lot for competitiveness. So a separate award will be given to whoever answers the most verses in the quizzing rounds, i.e. top quiz off, round robin, and individual scoring rounds. The winner of this will get a very nice trophy.

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